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2018 Style Offensive: 30 Free-to-Use Mockups

Simple screenshots or flat graphics don’t sell well. Today, it takes flashier presentations. Your web design displayed on a current Apple product, your framed poster on the wall. Now, we barely have the time to make every project accordingly appealing. Here’s where turnkey mockups come into play, a...

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Google Fonts You Should Use in 2018

Like almost everything else in graphic and web design, fonts are frequently exposed to trends. The number of fonts grows constantly – including Google Fonts – so finding something new is always easy....

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Presentator: Powerpoint for Webdesigners

When it comes to the presentation of static drafts, a product such as Powerpoint is a valid choice. Presentator realizes this concept as a web app, for free. Powerpoint, Not Only for Nostalgists If you’ve been following our content for a while, you probably saw a few posts in which I described the...

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